Explore CERN with Google Street View

CERN and Google have joined forces to create panoramic virtual tours of the CERN site


CERN and Google have joined forces to create a panoramic virtual tour of the CERN site and some of the experiments on Google Street View and Google Maps. Try it here.

A team from Google, working with CERN personnel, took images across all of CERN’s sites using, among other things, a bike-mounted camera system known as the “Street View Trike”. They also explored parts of the Large Hadron Collider tunnel and four experiments: ALICE, ATLAS, CMS and LHCb.

Six-sided panoramic images were taken every three metres and four experiments were photographed, as well as 1200 metres of the LHC tunnel. The entire project generated 6,000 points that were coordinated with GPS locations to create a virtual tour of the laboratory. The project is ongoing and will expand and offer views of more of CERN experiments.

Read the Google blog post announcing the project.