CERN colloquium on 13 March - "Long baseline atom interferometry" with Mark Kasevich

Join the audience on 13 March at 8.45 a.m. for a CERN colloquium on "Long baseline atom interferometry” presented by Mark Kasevich (Stanford University). 

Mark Kasevich will discuss how ​recent advances in methods to coherently manipulate atomic de Broglie waves have enabled a new generation of atom interferometers with unique capability to address outstanding fundamental science challenges. These challenges include detection of gravitational radiation at frequencies below 1 Hz, searches for ultralight dark matter, and new tests of gravitational physics. The talk will describe recent progress in this field and outline future scientific opportunities.

The colloquium will take place in person in the main auditorium and online attendance is possible via webcast.

For more information and connection details, visit the Indico event.