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TEDxCERN creates ‘ripples of curiosity’

CERN hosts its fourth TEDxCERN – “Ripples of Curiosity” – to explore how ideas in science, technology and education are converging and creating waves


TEDxCERN creates ‘ripples of curiosity’

The fourth TEDxCERN will be simultaneously webcast around the world at 50 locations. (Image: TEDxCERN)

CERN hosts its fourth TEDxCERN event with the theme “Ripples of Curiosity.” TEDxCERN is an annual conference which features bold talks by trailblazers in science, technology and the humanities.

This year more than 50 locations are webcasting the conference live between 14:00 and 18:30 CET on Saturday 5 November 2016. Join the conference by attending one of these satellite events or…

watch the webcast.

You can also follow along on social media using the hashtag #TEDxCERN.

This edition of TEDxCERN is showcasing talks by 12 pioneers from physics, biology, engineering, computing, the humanities and the social sciences. These visionaries will share how their pursuits are shaping the ways we interact with each other, our bodies, and the world around us.

The first set of talks examines how new technology and techniques are enabling us to understand more about our environment and our place on this planet. The second session shifts the focus inwards and asks us to examine our own physical and mental identities. Both sessions feature cutting-edge research and new ideas by leaders in their fields.

For instance, physicist Laura Baudis will tell us why she is looking for dark matter deep underground. Dennis Lo will recount how inspiration struck while he was cooking noodles, leading to his revolutionary procedure for non-invasive prenatal testing, and Eleonore Paweuls will highlight the promise and perils of DNA editing, which involves replacing faulty genes to treat and cure diseases.

Other topics include global literacy, DIY science, drones, oceanography, health innovations and the origins of creativity. These short talks will be enriched by educational videos, and followed by a musical performance by the Agalma Foundation.