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Mar Capeans and Brennan Goddard’s messages to the CERN community

Introducing two new heads of departments: Mar Capeans, (Site and Civil Engineering – SCE) and Brennan Goddard (Accelerator Systems – SY)

Mar Capeans and Brennan Goddard
Mar Capeans (SCE, left) and Brennan Goddard (SY, right) (Image: CERN)

2021 marked the start of a new mandate for the management team at the helm of the Organization. In this new video series, the newly appointed department heads introduce themselves to our community, tell us about their journeys and provide their vision for the future of their departments.

Mar Capeans, the new Head of the Site and Civil Engineering department and Brennan Goddard, the new Head of the Accelerator Systems department, are next in the series with their messages (below).

Mar has been part of our community for twenty-nine years since she first joined CERN as a master’s student from the University of Santiago de Compostela in Spain. A Particle Physicist, she has led several European projects and experiments before specialising in construction for particle accelerators.

This video was recorded on 23 September. 

(Video: CERN)

A senior physicist, Brennan obtained a PhD in applied physics at Swansea University in Wales before joining CERN in 1992 as a fellow working on the LEP (Large Electron-Positron collider) separators. He has been part of our community ever since and acquired wide-ranging competences in accelerator systems from his involvement with various LHC projects.

This video was recorded on 27 September. 

(Video: CERN)