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Make your voice heard through the 2023 CERN survey

CERN’s next survey is coming up – staff members and fellows should not miss this opportunity to give input on their experience at CERN with a view to improving working conditions across the Organization.

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Only three years have passed since the last surveys for staff and fellows were launched, yet the world looks very different than it did in 2019. Our community, like society at large, is recovering from the effects of a long pandemic and is now dealing with the consequences of the military invasion of Ukraine and difficult economic conditions. On a brighter note, the transition from the second long shutdown (LS2) to Run 3 has been very successful, shifting resources across the Organization to focus on the operation of our flagship collider and the next large upgrade of our infrastructure for the High-Luminosity LHC in 2026–2028. These events have shaken up the way we work, warranting the launch of a new survey at CERN.

Surveys are just one of the tools the Organization’s Management uses to gather input from its community. By making your voice heard, you help identify what matters to you in your work environment, which, in turn, allows the Management to better understand potential areas for improvement and what motivates and engages the personnel.

This year’s survey comprises a condensed questionnaire, which should not take more than 15 minutes to complete, and aims to paint a comprehensive picture of your experience at CERN by focusing on four key themes: “my work”, “my management”, “the Organization” and “the future of CERN”. Staff members and fellows will be invited to share their feedback on these four themes, highlighting the Organization’s strengths as well as the areas where improvement is still needed.

The importance of this exercise cannot be overstated: the findings will be used to shape improvements and prioritise actions for the coming years. With that in mind, be on the lookout for the launch of the survey, which should reach your inbox by the end of the month and will also feature in the next issue of the CERN Bulletin.

We thank you in advance for your collaboration and look forward to your input.