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CERN Community: take part in the CERN end-of-year crossword!

Submit your answers by 8 January and you could win an LHC Lego set, two Geneva Choco passes or two Balexert cinema tickets


LHC lego set
The LHC Lego set, available at the CERN shop. (Image: CERN)

CERN has had a busy 2023. If you were paying attention, or if you fancy testing your knowledge, why not take part in the CERN 2023 end-of-year crossword? You could be in with a chance of winning a full LHC Lego set (worth 98 CHF), two CAGI Choco passes (worth 28 CHF each) or two CAGI Pathé Balexert cinema tickets (worth 14 CHF each).

Interested? Here’s how to enter:

  • See below or download this PDF to access the crossword
  • Send your answers from your CERN email address to bulletin-editors@cern.ch before 8 January 2024. Your answers can be an attached completed crossword or a numbered list.
  • All correct entries will be entered into a prize draw. The prize winners will be announced in the first Bulletin of 2024.

Please note: you must have a CERN email address to enter the prize draw.

Good luck!



image of crossword puzzle




1. What was the subject of the third edition of the Sparks! Forum held at CERN? (6, 7)

6. Which new tool allows CERN’s on-site personnel to look at news, a map, the phonebook and the restaurant menus? (4, 6, 3)

8. In September, the ATLAS experiment released a paper that had a high precision measurement of which of the four fundamental forces? (6)

10. Launched this year, which space telescope relies on CERN’s computing infrastructure to investigate the effects of dark matter and dark energy on the Universe? (6)

11. CERN’s very own astronaut started his training at ESA this year. What country is he from? (6)

14. CERN and which other well-known scientific institution got together this July to discuss open science? (4)

15. The newly-inaugurated CERN library is home to the Scientific ____ Service? (11)

17. Indico surpassed this number of events on its platform this year (3, 7)

20. In May, the ATLAS and CMS experiments got together to present evidence of a rare Higgs boson decay into a Z boson and which other particle? (6)

23. Towards the end of 2023, the ALICE experiment benefited from the first heavy-ion run in five years. Ions of which element circulated in the LHC? (4)

25. In April, CERN’s Knowledge Transfer group established a partnership with an Irish company called Supernode to collaborate on finding solutions to the transfer of which type of energy? (9)

26. Which film festival takes place on the CERN campus? (9)



2. This object, about 55 km from CERN, caused an electrical disturbance that brought the LHC to a halt during the summer (4)

3. Science Gateway, CERN's brand new centre for education and outreach, was designed by this architect (5, 5)

4. 2023 marked 50 years since the discovery of these types of currents (7)

5. Arts at CERN awarded Joan Heemskerk the Collide residency, which, this year, was split between CERN and which European capital city? (10)

7. The Feasibility Study for the Future Circular Collider started gathering data on the ground in the Canton of Geneva, the French department of Haute-Savoie and which other department of France? (3)

9. Every year, the CERN accelerator complex undergoes a pause for upgrades before restarting in the new year. Which acronym is this pause known by? (4)

12. In line with Einstein's predictions, the ALPHA experiment found that antimatter does what under the influence of gravity? (5, 4)

13. W and Z, discovered at CERN exactly 40 years ago, are what types of particles? (6)

16. 2023 marks how many years since CERN released the World Wide Web to the public? (6)

18. To which future telescope, designed to detect gravitational waves, is CERN contributing its expertise in vacuum technology? (8)

19. In June, which LHC collaboration released its latest results on the asymmetry between matter and antimatter? (4)

21. The civil engineering for the next upgrade of the LHC has now been fully completed. How is this upgrade often referred to? (5)

22. Which CERN facility is investigating the creation of a nuclear clock? (6)

24. The CMS experiment recently presented results on a search for exotic particles. This particular study focused on the possible production of long-lived particles, including which kind of exotic photons? (4)