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Work begins on Building 60


Building 60. (Image: CERN)

Work on Building 60 will begin this month and should be completed by mid-2025. It will consist of two consecutive remediation and renovation phases.

11 April – end of May: installation of worksite equipment and of scaffolding on the façade of Building 60. Route Scherrer will be closed.

April – November 2023: remediation. This mainly involves removing asbestos, but also several other sources of pollution (paint containing lead and PCBs, etc.).

The building’s remediation will be carried out using a dynamic confinement approach, whereby the areas concerned will be hermetically sealed and depressurised. A ventilation system, operating 24 hours a day throughout the remediation phase, will evacuate and filter dust. The personnel responsible for the work will enter and leave the work areas through a series of airlocks designed to prevent contamination.

As is the case for all remediation work carried out on the CERN sites, the strictest possible measures will be taken to ensure the safety of both the personnel performing the work and everyone in the vicinity of the work areas.

2024 – mid-2025: renovation. Building 60, which was designed in the 1950s by the renowned Swiss architect Peter Steiger, no longer complies with fire protection and environmental standards. Peter Steiger’s architectural vision will be preserved in the fully renovated building, which will retain its original features as far as possible, while providing a modern, ecological and modular working environment that is suited to the 21st century and fully compliant with the applicable standards.

Practical information:

  • The ground floor (Building 500) and all the services located there (bank, newsagent, CAGI cultural stand, UNIQA, CWT travel agency, Users Office, Staff Association office and Restaurant 1) will remain open throughout the work.
  • Route Scherrer will be closed and traffic diverted via Route Curie and Route Bohr.
  • A drop-off/pick-up point and a short-stay car park (max. 30 min) will be available in front of the main entrance to Building 500.
  • The CERN shuttle will no longer stop in front of the Main Building, so passengers will need to get off at the Building 39 stop and walk.
  • The bike shelter near the Users Office will not be available.
  • The lifts in the Main Building will be unavailable; the lifts in Buildings 3, 52 and 53 can be used to access the ground floor and first floor.
  • Other buildings can be reached via the corridor of Building 50.

Please note that the area will be noisier than usual. The noise levels created by the work are hard to anticipate at present but will be closely monitored by the HSE unit. People working nearby will be kept regularly informed.

Thank you for your understanding.


For more information, see this Indico page and this article, published in February, or send an email to this address: batiment.60@cern.ch

A webpage dedicated to the project will soon be available, allowing you to keep up to date with the project’s progress and related news.