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CERN & Society Foundation end-of-year campaign


Students from the non-Member state summer student programme 2023. (Image: CERN)

The CERN & Society Foundation is pleased to announce its annual end-of-year campaign.

From 28 November to the end of December 2023, the CERN & Society Foundation will guide you through a digital journey in support of the 2024 non-Member State summer student programme (NMSSS).

The NMSSS provides students from non-Member States who are studying for a bachelors or masters degree with the unique opportunity to spend eight weeks at CERN. In addition to participating in experiments, students have the chance to experience CERN’s multidisciplinary and multicultural environment.

During the campaign, the Foundation will tell the exciting stories of five young scientists who took part in the 2023 programme. These students were Angelica from the Philippines, Mary from Kenya, Jenan from Palestine, Eliacim from the Dominican Republic and Nima from Iran.

Run digitally, the campaign will include six video testimonials. The first, featuring all five of the students, will give an overview of the programme and mark the campaign’s launch.

All videos will be published through the CERN & Society Foundation's social media channels Facebook and LinkedIn.

The CERN & Society Foundation is pleased to invite the whole CERN community to support the NMSSS programme by donating through its website. We thank you in advance for supporting the next generation of scientists!