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Building 60 status and next steps

With the renovation phase approaching, find out the next major steps for CERN’s Main Building


Civil Engineering and Infrastructure
With the remediation phase nearing completion, the renovation phase of Building 60 is about to begin. (Image: CERN)

Work on CERN’s Main Building, Building 60, began in April 2023 with a remediation phase to remove asbestos and other sources of pollution, including paint containing lead and PCBs. This remediation phase is now nearing completion and the renovation phase is about to begin.

With the renovation phase approaching, here are the next steps for the coming months:

  • May and June: new construction site set up. A new contractor team is replacing the heavy scaffolding with a lightweight model, reorganising site facilities into two levels and installing a crane. Access to the Les Cèdres and Les Cerisiers car parks will be modified, and Route Scherrer will be closed between the construction site and Route Bohr (see plan below).
map showing the changes to parking and road access during renovation
  • May and June: demolition of the 6th floor structure (formerly the Charpak room). This phase will entail a higher risk of noise. Those working in the surrounding area will be kept informed of progress.
  • June and July: disruption of the mobile phone network around Building 60 while the mobile service antennae move to a new location, see OTG0149872 for details. Those working in the nearby area are encouraged to enable VoLTE and Wi-Fi calls on their devices.
  • July, August and September: beginning of construction work of Building 60, primarily of the new 6th floor. This phase entails a moderate risk of noise.
  • October and November: installation of the facades. This phase also entails a moderate risk of noise.

The SCE department would like to thank the CERN community, particularly those working in the area near Building 60, for their understanding during the period of disruption caused by this crucial and delicate project.

For more information, please see the project webpage or send an email to batiment.60@cern.ch