Accelerating News issue 32

eRMC demonstrator magnet being inserted in a cryostat before tests

(Image: CERN)

The first issue of 2020 finds the world a vastly different place. Despite the difficult global situation, science has not stopped, and so Accelerating News will continue to report on accelerator research and development. In fact, this issue brings you an update on how synchrotrons could be fundamental to the process of creating a vaccine against the new coronavirus. The rest of Issue 32 focus rather interestingly on superconductivity and new records achieved by superconducting magnets. Upgrades and developments continue for the operation of the LHC at higher luminosity and for the future collider machines. Finally, a successful story of knowledge transfer, a communication and outreach workshop, and a report from the CERN Accelerator School bring this issue to a close.

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