CERN Courier May/Jun 2022

Front cover of the CERN Courier May/June 2022
Monitoring the LHC tunnel with the Train Inspection Monorail during LS2

Welcome to the digital edition of the May/June 2022 issue of CERN Courier.

Beams are back at the LHC! As a spruced-up accelerator complex prepares to produce brighter collisions at a higher energy than before, this issue surveys the Run 3 physics prospects in searches (p29), precision measurements (p33), flavour (p43) and heavy-ion (p47) physics. Major upgrades such as the new LHCb VELO (p38) have put the detectors in better shape than ever. Together with improved triggers and analysis tools, new research avenues are being opened at the LHC, complemented by a diverse fixed-target programme (p51).

Investigations assessing the feasibility of a Future Circular Collider at CERN step up a gear (p23 and 27), while physicists evaluate the status of an International Linear Collider in Japan (p10). In the experimental world, a new measurement of the W mass has made headlines (p9) and intriguing results were discussed at Moriond (p19).

At CERN: ATLAS upgrade coordinator Francesco Lanni looks ahead to his new role as leader of the Neutrino Platform (p57); heavy-machinist Florian Hofmann reveals life as a technician (p65); the latest LHC-experiment results (p15); progress with the High-Energy Ventilator (p13); greater energy efficiency (p55); and The Adventure of the Large Hadron Collider (p61).

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