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CERN alumni impact society


Charlotte Lindberg Warakaulle is the Director for International Relations.

In just four years of existence, the CERN alumni network has grown to include over 7000 members. The extent and reach of the network is testimony to the interest of our alumni in remaining a part of the unique CERNois community and staying connected with its mission. This is an asset for the Laboratory and for science more broadly.

We all know that fundamental research impacts society in more ways than may be immediately obvious, through the knowledge generated and the technologies developed. But the most immediate impact is often through its people. CERN alumni are making their mark all around the world, across a wide range of fields and in diverse communities. Each of them demonstrating how fundamental research – and the skills developed through science – matter, and carrying with them the values that bind the wider CERN community together: excellence, collaboration, openness and diversity.

This contribution to society of fundamental research through people is at the heart of “Second Collisions”, our second major alumni reunion, which will take place online from 1 to 3 October under the theme “Research Matters”. Featuring virtual recreations of key sites at the Lab, the event will bring together, as speakers, alumni who are changing the face of space exploration, improving vaccine delivery, revolutionising business supply chains, innovating the future of healthcare, and much more – all building on the skills honed during their time as part of the CERN community.

All alumni and current personnel – no matter how long or short your connection with CERN – are invited to join and to meet former colleagues, play interactive games, learn about innovative new companies and explore career opportunities. You can register at https://alumni.cern/page/secondcollisions.

I hope you will join us for this very special weekend to hear inspirational stories of CERN alumni and how they impact society, and to engage with alumni from across the globe.