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Jean Mourier (1949 – 2022)

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It is with great sadness that we announce the passing – at far too young an age, as all those who knew him will agree – of Jean Mourier, who worked at CERN from 1974 to 2009. He contributed to the Organization’s activities in various ways throughout his long career, as well as leaving an indelible mark on the Micro Club.

Jean was born in Lyon in 1949. His family was from the Ardèche, a region to which he remained greatly attached all his life. After an initial stint at CERN as a service provider, followed by a foray into the private sector, he came back to the Laboratory, for good this time, in November 1974.

Jean was a member of the PS division until 1985, when he moved to the Controls group (ABM) of the SPS division to work on beam instrumentation. In 1993, he returned to the PS division, this time working on radiofrequency. He remained there until he retired in October 2009.

In his retirement, Jean took an interest in the CERN Micro Club and became involved in its repair service. He dedicated much of his free time to the Club, and his love for a job well done, his attention to detail and his meticulous nature got his colleagues out of difficulties on many an occasion.

His friends and colleagues will remember his optimism and his love of life and human interaction. He was always ready to help, with a discretion that in no way belied his tremendous efficiency. His great kindness was matched by his devotion to his team and to the Micro Club.

Jean leaves behind him many memories and will be missed by the Club and by his friends. Let’s remember him with the same smile that he bestowed on us every time we met.

Our thoughts are with his wife, Chantal, and his children and grandchildren.

His friends and colleagues from ABM and the CERN Micro Club