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You’ll never guess these six unlikely benefits of being a CERN Guide

It may surprise you, but being a CERN Guide can give you unexpected benefits, especially with Science Gateway about to open this autumn.


Collage of photos showing CERN guides at work

Unlock the benefits of being a CERN Guide. Start small, guide quickly.

Who would have thought that being a CERN Guide in the Science Gateway era could give you so many benefits. See for yourself in the list below (you’ll never guess number six).

1. The why

“What made you want to work at CERN?” Answering this visitor’s question unlocks the memories of why you came to CERN. CERN is constantly evolving, researching, developing and pushing boundaries. So, as a CERN Guide, each time you take part, you could see, hear, experience something new and exciting that reminds you why you chose to work in such an inspiring place.

2. Exclusive access

Unlock exclusive behind-the-scenes access to areas of CERN. Plus, access a dedicated space for CERN Guides in Science Gateway and join the community to share ideas, download content and sign up for talks and trainings.

3. Wellbeing

Emerging from the COVID-19 years, there’s something all the more special about, once again, interacting with people of all ages. And now, Science Gateway activities are aimed at visitors aged from 5 to 105+. There’s something for everyone. Engaging with these different audiences can bring joy to your job, make your eyes shine brighter and boost your spirits.

4. Physical health

Ask any doctor, or PhD student at least, and they’ll confirm that guiding groups increases your step count. It gets you away from a computer screen and into the fresh air. You can even add extra cardio to your workout by getting visitors to walk a little faster between visit points.

5. New skills

Find out something that you never knew about CERN, from engineering to physics to computing to funny anecdotes from CERN’s history. You don’t need a scientific background to be a CERN Guide – all profiles and languages are welcome, helping showcase CERN’s diversity. You just need an active CERN affiliation for six months or more to sign up for training. Improve your skills in communicating, in adapting to different audiences, in languages, and get tips on how to answer the most bizarre visitor questions.  

(Image: Liz Fosslien)

6. Productivity

The strangest benefit by far is that alternating your day-to-day work with being a CERN Guide could actually make you more productive. As illustrated by this wonderful cartoon.

What now?

With Science Gateway opening this autumn, you have the chance to:

  • Showcase interactive exhibitions
  • Facilitate hands-on lab workshops
  • Perform interactive science shows
  • Guide visitors on tours of CERN sites
  • Take part in local events

To find out more and sign up for newly available training sessions, visit: https://guides.web.cern.ch/join