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A retirement present to support a summer student

Meeting with NMS Summer Student 2019
Jeanne Rostant with Osama Khlaif, the Palestinian student she helped bring to CERN, accompanied by John Ellis and Emmanuel Tsesmelis, who helped Jeanne contact the CERN & Society Foundation to organise Osama’s stay at CERN (Image: Eszter Badinova/CERN)

After 39 years at CERN, including 37 working with theorists, most recently as DAO of the Theoretical Physics department, Jeanne Rostant is retiring this summer. In the 1990s, she assisted the late Sergio Fubini develop his Middle-East Scientific Collaboration, which helped prepare the way for the SESAME laboratory that has been established in Jordan with support from Iran, Israel, the Palestinian Authority and other countries in the region.

In lieu of any personal gifts to her, Jeanne asked the CERN & Society Foundation to collect money to help cover the costs of participation by a Palestinian student in the CERN Summer Student Programme for those from Non-Member States. Following a fantastic response from donors, the student has now arrived at CERN, where he is attending lectures and working with the ATLAS collaboration.

“Out of all my CERN memories, working with Sergio on his Middle-East project was one of the most enriching, and I wanted to acknowledge this,” says Jeanne.

This particular donation campaign has now closed, but the CERN & Society Foundation supports many other good causes to which you can donate. If you also would like to organise a fundraiser in support of one of the many CERN & Society projects, please contact the CERN Partnerships & Fundraising team.