Danish firms to visit CERN

Eletronic and GPV Group are among the Danish firms to present technology at CERN

Individual interviews will take place in technicians’ offices. The firms will contact relevant users/technicians but any user wishing to make contact with a particular firm is welcome to use the contact details which are available from each secretariat of department or from the GS Department web pages at the following URL http://gs-dep.web.cern.ch/en/content/Industrial-Exhibitions

List of Companies:

  • Axcon APS
  • BB Electronics A/S
  • B.Rustfrit Stal A/S
  • CIM Industrial Systems A/S
  • Danfysik A/S
  • Develco A/S
  • Eletronic A/S
  • GPV Group
  • Innoware A/S
  • JLI Vision A/S
  • NKT Cables A/S
  • Noliac A/S
  • Röttger’s Vaerktoj A/S

For further information please contact Claudia Bruggmann Furlan  GS-IS-LS 73312 or
Caroline Laignel GS-DI 73722.