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CERN Alumni Third Collisions: A confluence of reconnection, networking and celebration

Join us at the Third Collisions event, “Accelerating Beyond”, taking place at CERN on 9 – 11 February



"Great stories of entrepreneurship! It was amazing to see the impact that CERN alumni are making in society." These are the words of a CERN alumni who took part in the Second Collisions event, in 2021. These sentiments echo the anticipation surrounding the upcoming Third Collisions event, taking place at CERN from 9 to 11 February.

In less than a month, CERN will play host to several hundred alumni, marking the third reunion of this network, now entering its seventh year of existence. The event promises a rich tapestry of experiences, blending insightful talks, stimulating panels, and the chance to reconnect with former colleagues. The focus of the talks and panels extends beyond the scientific realm, delving into pressing topics like climate change, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing. The event serves as a nexus for networking, providing opportunities for alumni to reconnect and engage with members of the CERN community.

A notable addition to this year's programme is the inaugural jobs fair, bringing together companies and EIROforum organisations actively seeking individuals with skills cultivated at CERN. CERN Alumni companies will also feature, as will CERN teams such as Knowledge Transfer, CERN Courier, and the CERN & Society Foundation, amongst others. Many companies will be in place, as of the afternoon of Thursday, 8 February, in the Main Building, and will eagerly welcome those at CERN contemplating their next professional venture.

The Third Collisions aren't just about work; they encompass a spectrum of events, sparking CERN nostalgia, including a welcome reception, gala dinner, and multiple coffee breaks that facilitate informal networking. The agenda also boasts diverse entertainment options, ranging from a ski outing to a MusiClub alumni DJ set and the screening of "Almost Nothing", followed by a Q&A with one of the directors. Fitness activities are also on the menu, ensuring a well-rounded experience for all participants.

The event's detailed programme, list of speakers, and additional information can be accessed here.

To facilitate participation, a small financial contribution is requested, ensuring the smooth execution of this grand event. For the first time, participants are welcome to bring a plus one (over 18s only), enhancing the sense of community and celebration.

Additionally, the organising committee is seeking volunteers to contribute to the event's success. Those willing to lend a helping hand will have their registration fees waived, further emphasising the collaborative spirit that defines the CERN and CERN Alumni communities. Please contact alumni.relations@cern.ch for more information.

Join us at CERN Alumni Third Collisions, which promise to be an extraordinary blend of knowledge exchange, professional networking, and celebration, reinforcing the impact of CERN alumni on society and echoing the continuous legacy of excellence set by CERN and its remarkable alumni.