Grey Book gets new look

The CERN Grey Book database, which stores data on the laboratory’s research programme, has been revamped

Grey Book gets new look

Screenshot showing new design for Grey Book (Image: <a href="">CERN Grey Book</a>)

The CERN Grey Book database has a brand new look.

The database stores data on the Organization’s research programme, including all the experiments and projects, their collaborating institutes and their participants.

Now, 15 years after its last web interface was released, the Grey Book has a new look. There have been changes to search and navigation, as well as structural changes to the database - now data is directly accessed from the CERN’s Foundation database.

“I am really happy with the way you can navigate dynamically and in multiple ways between the views of the different domain items,” says Doris Chromek-Burckhart, who heads the Users’ Office, which maintains the database.

“The new site offers global as well as context-specific search options that make it really easy, for example, to find all the scientific collaborators of an experiment in just one click. In addition, when signed in, all those lists can be exported to excel or as pdf files. It is powerful and elegant!”

CERN has published annually a full list of the experiments and projects that take place at the laboratory since 1975. Until 2000, when the database went online, these lists were printed and bound with a grey cover, hence the name.

Visit the new site at the usual URL: