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Computer Security: 300 computer security articles and counting


We begin the year by celebrating the 300th Bulletin article focusing on various computer-security-related topics. Three hundred hopefully informative articles about the cybersecurity situation at CERN. About best practices, guidelines and useful tools. About risks, threat scenarios and attack vectors. About new or established means of mitigation. About the workings of the Computer Security team, the services and tools it’s providing and the complexity of its detection infrastructure. About policies and dos and don’ts. Three hundred articles trying to raise your awareness and help you improve your approach to computer security – the security of your laptops, smartphones and tablets, of your accounts and passwords, of your email inbox and web browser, of software programming and system development – both at CERN and at home.

While some articles were published a long time ago – the first ones were released in 2008 – they’ve never lost their relevance. Sometimes it’s useful to delve into the past and dig out information from them; often these articles also provide guidelines for us when advising users. So for this 300th anniversary, we have updated our compilation of all the articles published so far. This compilation covers a plethora of topics, sorted into the notorious themes of “computer security”, i.e. the literal cybersecurity of computers, “mobile and cloud security”, “network and data centre security”, “account and password security”, “control systems and IoT (Internet of Things)”, “secure software development”, “data protection and privacy”, “copyrights”, “rules and policies” and more. Giving a deeper insight into the computer security landscape, these articles complement our Monthly Reports, which usually depict the operational side of what’s currently happening at CERN.

You can download this compilation here. It’s public – published under CC-BY-NC-SA. So please feel free to share it with your colleagues, family and friends in order to spread the word, raise awareness and help them improve the security and protection of their own digital assets and resources!


Do you want to learn more about computer security incidents and issues at CERN? Follow our Monthly Report. For further information, questions or help, check our website or contact us at Computer.Security@cern.ch.