CERN Chapter of Mozilla Study Groups launched

A new Study Group aims to bring CERN people together to share knowledge about programming and collaborate on open-research projects


Mozilla Study Groups, supported by the Mozilla Science Lab, are the brain-child of former ATLAS physicist Bill Mills. They are regular meet-ups for students, scientists, IT experts, librarians and communicators to improve their coding or data-analysis skills as well as to learn (about) new software tools. Two weeks ago, a CERN chapter was launched by Patricia Herterich, Tim Head, Igor Babuschkin and Achintya Rao.

The group plans to meet every Friday evening, with the sessions ranging from co-working gatherings to lessons taught by experienced coders. This Friday (4 March) at 17:00, Tim Head will introduce participants to Jupyter Notebooks, which enable browser-based interactive computing in a variety of programming languages.

Information on joining the Study Group is available on the group's website and on the GitHub repository for the group. You can also find members of the Study Group on Gitter.

Anyone at CERN is welcome to join the Study Group and propose sessions. If there is something you would like to learn or if you would like to teach a lesson yourself, you can submit your suggestions by creating an issue on GitHub.