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Sneak a peek into Science Gateway

On 8 October 2023 CERN Science Gateway will open its doors to the public and welcome visitors from around the world. As the finishing touches are being made, let us take you on a behind-the-scenes tour


aerial view of the science gateway campus

Aerial view of the Science Gateway campus. (Image: CERN)

Three immersive, hands-on exhibitions take up the tubes that mimic the LHC tunnel and the pavilion connected to Van Hove Square, which houses former detectors and detector parts. One tube is home to Our Universe, which along one side draws a timeline from the present-day structure of our cosmos all the way back to the Big Bang. On the other side, Exploring the Unknown features four installations by artists from around the world who collaborate with Arts at CERN. Their aim is to inspire a new way of thinking about the mysteries of the Universe. The other tube – Discover CERN – answers many of the questions you may have about how to study particles and how accelerators work. Lastly, in another of the pavilions, visitors will come face to face with particle scales and phenomena through which to experience the Quantum World.

On the first floor of the reception pavilion are the Labs, where school groups, families and individual visitors will be encouraged to work together and carry out hands-on experiments under the supervision of CERN Guides, who will also be on hand to interact with visitors in the exhibitions in many different ways.

The building complex includes a new auditorium. Able to accommodate 900 people, it can be split into three separate spaces depending on the desired format. In addition to hosting collaboration meetings of CERN’s experiments, scientific announcements and outside-hire events, the auditorium pavilion will also be the venue for regular public events and science shows. Taking the form of interactive theatre-like performances led by CERN Guides, the science shows will explain science in a fun way for all audiences.

After your tour, the Big Bang café in the reception pavilion is an invitation to stop off for refreshments, which can be enjoyed in the park surrounding the complex. Lastly, to round off the many memories made at Science Gateway, the shop offers all kinds of souvenirs, allowing you to continue the journey.

CERN Science Gateway will have something for everyone aged 5 or over, interested in science, CERN, architecture or learning.