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MapCERN now available for iPad

The MapCERN application is now available for download on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch


MapCERN now available for iPad

Screenshots of the MapCERN app on iPhone (Image: MapCERN)

A new version of the MapCERN application is now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

MapCERN is a navigation tool for CERN sites. It shows the location of streets, buildings, rooms, and points of interest at CERN. The new app, developed by the Geneva-based company ArxIT, is part of an initiative by GS department to allow staff, fellows, users and visitors to locate CERN facilities with a smartphone. As well as locations at CERN, the app shows their distance and general direction from the user. Every day, the Patrimony and Site Information Service (GS/SE-DOP) updates the map data with topographic measurements.

With the iPhone and iPad version of MapCERN - which requires iOS5 or later - you can:

  • Interact with maps
  • Search for buildings, rooms, streets or points of interest
  • Sort results by name (A-Z), type of data (Group) or distance
  • Choose which data type (layer or basemap) to display
  • Display information through legends or tooltips on the map
  • Pinpoint your location with GPS
  • Identify buildings in front of you with Augmented Reality view

A second application, MapCERN Mobile is specially designed for smartphones.

For a demonstration video, download MapCERN for iPhone.