CERN’s DG starts blogging for Huffington Post

Rolf Heuer writes his first blog entry in a series running over the next few weeks for Huffington Post


Today, Rolf Heuer, CERN’s Director-General, published a blog post on Huffington Post. This is the first post in a series to be published in a blog for the online news aggregator. The idea of the blog stems from the International Geneva Perception Change project, which aims to put the spotlight back on the relevance and impact of the work done by all of the UN and international organizations, NGOs and other institutions based in Geneva. Heuer joins Michael Møller and other project members on the blog for Huffington Post.

The first post concerns the Chief Scientific Advisor role at the European Commission. The European Commission President’s recent decision not to renew the role of Chief Scientific Advisor shook the scientific community. Heuer addresses the media attention and concerns of the scientific community but remains cautiously optimistic.

“Scientific evidence is not an option in policy-making, it is a necessity. It is about evidence based decision making,” says Heuer. "As scientists, we must continue to encourage Juncker to keep science at the centre of policy, and I look forward to seeing how he proposes to achieve that”.

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