Online symposium – FUNDAMENTAL: Encounters in Art, Design, and Science,Miscellaneous
(Image: ©Metahaven)

On Wednesday 26 January at 4pm (CET), join Daniel Tapia Takaki, Dunne & Raby, Jenna Sutela, Metahaven, Mónica Bello and Stefanie Hessler for the symposium FUNDAMENTAL: Encounters in Art, Design, and Science.

In their pursuit of fundamental questions, art and science largely use different methods, means, and objectives. The focus of this symposium lies on the overlap between the almost ungraspable fundamental processes in physics, and the experimental sites and machines designed and created to render these tangible – and, in essence, offer a shimmering zone of physical proof for their existence.

Since 2019, Arts at CERN and HEAD–Genève have been co-organizing annual symposiums. After the first edition Science meets fiction, Re: View from Nowhere brought together physicists, theorists, artists, and curators in 2020, organised in collaboration with Metahaven. Fundamental is the third edition, jointly organized with Kunsthall Trondheim.


  • 16:00–16:15 Welcome, Summary of Previous Symposium, and Introduction — Mónica Bello, Head of Arts at CERN
  • 16:15–16:40 artist collective Metahaven
  • 16:40–17:05 Daniel Tapia Takaki, high-energy nuclear physicist working with the ALICE Experiment at CERN
  • 17:05–17:30 designers Dunne & Raby
  • 17:30–17:55 artist Jenna Sutela
  • 17:55–18:10 Remarks and intro to Q&A — Stefanie Hessler, Director of Kunsthall Trondheim
  • 18:10–18:40 Q&A moderated by Stefanie Hessler



More information on the Arts at CERN website.