The March/April issue of the CERN Courier is out

|,Life at CERN

The newly endorsed CMB-S4 observatory will measure the anisotropies in the cosmic microwave background in unprecedented detail, constraining models of inflation and further connecting physics at the largest and smallest scales. 

The March/April issue also takes an in-depth look at the case for the sterile neutrino, and describes extensive recent works on the CERN vacuum systems and the latest progress with the HL-LHC crab cavities as the countdown to LHC Run 3 gets under way.

Also in the issue: James Webb Space Telescope prepares to eye the dark universe; ATLAS and CMS explore the Higgs boson self-coupling; the Water Cherenkov Test Experiment; International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development; CERN alumni on teaching; EPS-HEP highlights; CPT tests; flavour anomalies; and more.