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CERN Service Portal: new and improved ticket layout

The CERN Service Portal underwent a complete overhaul last year, introducing a modern look and feel. Now, based on your feedback, we’re excited to present a new and improved ticket layout

David Moliner Reyero, the main developer behind these changes, describes this as an evolution rather than a revolution: “We have condensed the basic ticket information at the top, and given more emphasis underneath to the communication flow between supporters and callers. The major goals have been to improve readability and reduce complexity.”

Here is a brief explanation of the ticket outline.


Along the top:

  • Above the box: ticket number, date information and ticket status.
  • Blue header: ticket subject and “Actions” button to clone, print or view it in the ServiceNow tool.
  • Box: caller and ticket information, followed by service and supporter details on the next line.

Then separate tabs contain additional information:

  • Activity: where you can post a message, add attachments and view the ticket history.
  • Details: full ticket information including the original text.
  • Watch List: to see who is copied on the ticket and where you can edit this list.
  • Form: only appears if the ticket was created by filling in a web form and contains the input from that form.
  • Attachments: lists any attachments and allow you to add, remove or rename files.

This restructuring means ticket communication now takes up the entire central pane, enhancing the overall readability. There have also been code improvements to enable links directly in all posts. In addition, by making use of tabs, we have streamlined the overall design, thereby greatly simplifying the ticket view.

We hope these improvements are useful and, as always, we welcome your feedback. Please log in to complete the form here.