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CERN & the Environment workshop: 12 October (morning) and 13 October



We invite you to join us for the CERN & the Environment workshop in the Council Chamber (or via Zoom) to find out more about the many environmental initiatives completed or under way at CERN. Presentations will be given across various sessions, covering topics including: energy, the status of research on environmentally-friendly coolants and detector gases, water, our local environment, mobility, travel, food and more. The highlight of the programme will be two keynote presentations, delivered by renowned speakers, which will address the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report and the barriers preventing behavioural changes that would favourably impact climate transition.

We look forward to gathering feedback from the CERN community on matters that affect us all, and will equally encourage the discussion of future objectives.

Seating in the Council Chamber will be limited, and you will need to register to attend. Full details and the event’s timetable can be found here.

We hope many of you will be able to join us for this event!

Benoît Delille, Mar Capeans Garrido, Manfred Krammer, Chris Hartley, Sonja Kleiner, Roberto Losito and Serge Claudet