25 Jun/24
08:30 - 21:30

ATS Workshop 2024


81/R-003B - Science Gateway Auditorium B

The ATS Workshop will take place on Tuesday 25 June in the Science Gateway Auditorium.

This first Accelerator and Technology sector (ATS) workshop showcases the range of engineering and technical activities across the sector's departments: Beams (BE), Engineering (EN), Accelerator Systems (SY) and Technology (TE).

It is an opportunity not only to increase the mutual knowledge of engineering and techncial activities, but also to meet colleagues and create links across teams, sections, groups and departments. The day will be about sharing experiences, expertise, challenges, methodologies and solutions, from engineering design tools and processes to project management methodologies and tools. Primarily aimed at colleagues in the ATS sector, this workshop is also open to members of the CERN community who are interested.

Please note that attendance is by registration only.