13 Jun/22
09:00 (Europe/Zurich)
Ends: 14 Jun/22 19:50

2030 Leaders Program – Cohort 2 Track B


3179/1-D06 at CERN

The 2030 Leaders Program – Cohort 2 Track B Module at IdeaSquare focuses on Module 3 (Disruptive Thinking; Order-of-magnitude-jumps; Collaborative approach to addressing common challenges; Culture of experimenting). It builds upon Module 1 (use of Exponential Technologies), Module 2 (Seizing new opportunities and working in teams), and Module 4 (how to scale up). During their visit to  CERN, the participants will experience unusual environments and how these can further feed  thinking about collaborative behavior and new management styles (ie. bottom-up, instead of classical top-down); constantly challenging assumptions we make; developing methodologies to ask better questions and getting better answers; looking ahead how society might benefit from the process of fundamental science over the long run.  By invitation only.